AGOC WebAPP: Improving
your Operations Management.

Air & Ground Operations Consultancy (AGOC) has a comprehensive understanding of the real needs of its clients because we’ve been in their shoes. That’s why we’ve developed precise solutions to enhance the daily operations of airlines, GroundHandling Companies, and Airport Managers.

A complete picture of all your operations and potential incidents in real-time


Connect all relative participants at once

Ground Handling

Total control over your operations

Airport Managers

All participants at the airport working toward the same goal

Service Providers

Amazing response time with AGOC Webapp

Airline Solutions

Total control of all flights, anywhere.

We connect your airline with everything at all times.

We deliver complete control to airlines through their OCC, connecting them to all their airports through a specially designed app to reduce duplications, minimize incidents, and optimize resources, allowing companies to focus on what truly matters, their passengers.

Through AGOC WebApp, we connect the airline’s OCC to all airports at once, providing real-time information on incidents, in a bidirectional communication.

Information is key for decision-making, and that’s what our AGOC system enables. Organize, distribute, and send any necessary instructions to minimize delays, such as route changes or aircraft swaps, addressing day-to-day challenges effectively.

Create more accurate demand forecasts and budgets more quickly using automated tools. Take control of available location fuel supplies to ensure there are no shortages.  

At AGOC, we understand the importance of having happy and well-rested crews. This starts with our comprehensive fatigue study, the most thorough report created by experts in the field. Gain insights into common factors affecting crew activities, allowing for corrections or eliminations.

We are well aware of the communication challenges that OCCs face. That’s why we’ve focused our efforts on streamlining communication through our AGOC WebApp. Every decision or change made by one department is instantly reflected throughout the system, enabling quick and error-free decision-making, eliminating misunderstandings.

Forget spreadsheets or smart sheets. Airlines need efficient information systems for instant access to data anytime, anywhere. Whether a flight operated two days or two years ago, access the necessary information without complexity and in seconds.

Ground Handling Solutions

Total control of all clients in one platform.

Connect all clients, streamlining management.

Use a single system to manage all clients. AGOC WebApp connects all flights from different airlines into one system, improving daily operations.

Through AGOC WebApp, we connect the airline’s OCC to all airports at once, providing real-time information on incidents, in a bidirectional communication.

Ensure the company’s Cargo and Mail are always located with AGOC WebApp´s registration system, preventing shipping or reception errors. Baggage claimed from other airports is also registered to ensure optimal delivery to its owners.

Request all external services through AGOC WebApp. Optimize the time of response for fuel, cleaning, catering, or PMR services by notifying any needs with just a click.

At AGOC, we understand that “time is money” in the aviation world. That’s why AGOC WebApp allows simple recording of request and response times for any service required during the layover, as well as key indicators such as check-in and boarding start and end times, aircraft door closure, or service connections.

We know that airlines require handling companies to respond promptly to their requests. With our AGOC WebApp, all flight data during the layover is instantly accessible from anywhere, ensuring more efficient service and demonstrating the importance of your customers to you.

Our AGOC WebApp streamlines operations so effectively that you may consider reducing the number of employees in your flight management department and reallocating them to passenger services, elevating your customer service level.

Airport Solutions

All in one single platform, working toward a common goal.

Airport ecosystems running like clockwork.

We provide a platform through which all airport companies and service providers can communicate, improving response times and taking the airport to the levels of excellence your passengers deserve.

At AGOC, we understand the secret: “An efficient airport involves all stakeholders.” This is why we created AGOC WebApp: to give Airport Managers a tool to achieve excellence by connecting and making all ecosystem players feel part of the common goal of providing passengers with a unique experience.

Airports have procedures for every situation. We enhance procedures requiring requests and responses. Sending files to fill out requests or email-based requests are becoming obsolete. AGOC WebApp addresses communication issues and reduces the number of requests, ensuring proper message reception with a single response time.

Companies providing services at airports, such as fuel, cleaning, or boarding bridges, need information from Airlines, Handling Companies, and Airport Managers. AGOC WebApp facilitates the fast and efficient flow of this information.

Ensuring passenger equality is a key airport objective. AGOC emphasizes PRM assistance. Our system enhances response times, prevents service duplication, and errors, reducing inequalities for passengers with mobility issues. AGOC WebApp confirms assistance details, facilitating efficient resource allocation.

How many calls and emails can an Airport Manager’s Operations Center handle? We drastically reduce these types of communications, freeing up resources for redistribution and improvement of departments requiring increased personnel.

With AGOC WebApp, maintain instant records of all airport operations, easily accessing all necessary records for various reports and statistics required by authorities.

Service Providers

Get the information instantly to improve your work.

Direct communication with your clients.

Receive all the necessary information for your operations’ development in a simple and efficient manner thanks to AGOC WebApp.

Maintain a thorough record of every service performed, whether it’s fueling, catering, or cleaning. Nothing escapes with AGOC WebApp.

Efficiently organize your services based on scheduled requests. Maintain an efficient record, allowing your clients full access to their completed services to resolve any discrepancies instantly.

Stay informed about any incidents that may arise or any last-minute urgent services requested by your clients. Thanks to AGOC WebApp, you can enhance your responsiveness.

Platform Features

Lead the way with a full picture of the status of your operations.​

Platform Features

AGOC WebApp is much more than management software, it’s an opportunity to genuinely enhance daily operations and take your company to the next level of excellence. We have the perfect add-ons for making informed decisions based on real data.

Complementing our offering is a powerful dashboard that provides real-time analysis and comparison of your operations, visually identifying key indicators for addressing deviations from your company’s established standards.

The purpose of data storage is not just retrieving and comparing records. Thanks to Big Data, we create models to predict future incidents based on defined patterns by Artificial Intelligence. We could predict if staff would be enough to cover a special day or maybe you need a extra staff to avoid incidents.

A new way to keep your staff trained, maintaining full control over each training session and its validity period, with alerts to schedule necessary refresher courses well in advance to ensure seamless operations.