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Air & Ground Operations Consultancy is dedicated to providing solutions for the most significant operational challenges faced by Airport Managers, Airlines, and Ground Handling Companies.

Our team, our advantage.

Industry Experience

We bring together a combined experience of over 60 years in various aspects of the aviation industry.

Computer Expertise

Our background in major airlines and handling companies is complemented by strong expertise in Computer Engineering.


Developed by individuals who live and breathe aviation, and possess in-depth knowledge of the aviation world, our applications are at the forefront of the industry

A complete picture of all your operations and potential incidents in real-time


Connect all relative participants at once

Ground Handling

Total control over your operations

Airport Managers

All participants at the airport working toward the same goal

Service Providers

Amazing response time with AGOC Webapp

AI & Big Data

At AGOC, we are deeply engaged in multiple collaborative projects with airlines, where we apply advanced technological solutions to optimize various aspects, ranging from the onboard experience to the operational efficiency of flights.

Fuel consumption

Cleaning tracking

Baggage tracking

Catering tracking

These ambitious goals are achieved through the application of Artificial Intelligence and comprehensive Big Data analysis, enabling us to make informed and strategic decisions that have a positive impact on both the efficiency and sustainability of the aviation industry.

Flight Optimization

PRM Facilities

Maintenance Predictive

CO2 reduction

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